JOHN JUNG - vocals, guitar
BARRY KEESEY - vocals, keys, melodica, guitar
JULIE WANG - violin
ERIN FORD - vocals, percussion
SCOTT YATES - bass, vocals
KRIS TATSCH - percussion 

What has been said...

"Dynamic, cinematic, cathartic, and dense. Brings to mind gypsy rock, indie folk, and a film score - all in one night."
   - Anonymous

"Theatre for the ears. An honest, powerful and entertaining record."
      - Richard Dodd, Grammy Award-Winning Producer (Tom Petty, The Wallflowers)

“The quintet uses folk-rock instrumentation – [nylon] guitar, upright bass, violin, piano, and drums - but they pack a wallop.Their potency isn't due to dramatic volume shifts or flamboyant parts from any of the players, but rather the lovely arrangements.”
      - Big Western Flavor

“Towards the bottom of the detailed mix for the waltz Lover's Pride, a female computer voice complains, ‘I'm not likely to be impressed by the same thing over and over again.’ [It] could be a comment on the topic of the song, but it could also serve as a summary of Ukemi's approach on each of these six tracks...[with] its lean rhythm sound, detailed mix, and frank, sometimes unsettling lyrics, 'Every Hour' stands out even among Austin's cluttered field for its originality and vitality. One of the best of 2009, and not a moment too soon."
     - Way of the Beat

“Ukemi mentions Jeff Buckley as an influence on their [website]. And I could hear it. They obviously paid attention to the orchestration of sound on Grace. If you want another interesting comparison that jumped into my head, here it is…[what] if The Mars Volta chose to make an acoustic record? And kept all their songs under 6 minutes? I think they'd be stealing from Ukemi.”
    - Associated Content
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